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50% Bonus for Airtel
Terms and Conditions
Airtel Nigeria has announced the following promotion.
Date: available until 15 Mar 2015 23:59 (GMT+01:00)

1. Promotion Type: 50% Bonus on Electronic Recharge

2. Conditions:
• Offer is open to all Prepaid subscribers (including Zero Credit Limit customers)
•This bonus replaces the 10% bonus currently on electronic recharges.
•Bonus can be used for On-net Calls Only
•Bonus is instant. Customer dials *223# to check or view the bonus.
•This offer does not exclude subscribers from bonus attached to their various plans e.g. One Sim, Trybe, etc.

3. Promotional Balance Expiration:
•Bonus is valid for 3 days
Phone number
The number entered is either incorrect or does not match the operator. Please verify it!

3 Easy Steps

  • 1Enter recharge details
  • 2Log in and proceed to payment
  • 3Amount is sent to desired mobile
  • 1Select mobile network and desired amount
  • 2Log in and proceed to payment
  • 3Recharge PIN is sent to you by email

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